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I am a methodologist. I study statistical, psychometric, and research methodology. My statistics research focuses on methods of examining reliability. I have evaluated inferential techniques for coefficient alpha and I have designed new measures of reliability. I have also created new statistical methods for testing if two variables are opposites. My psychometrics research has focused on the development and evaluation of new tests of emotional intelligence (the ability to perceive, understand, and manage emotions in oneself and others) and social intelligence (the ability to interact effectively with others in order to accomplish your goals).  I have also designed new scoring methods.  Program for Open-Ended Scoring (POES) is a computer program for automated scoring of open-ended tests. POES was originally designed to score the Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale (LEAS; Lane, 1990), but it can also be used to score other text material.  My research on research methods has focused on procedures to prevent and detect data entry errors.  The Poka-Yoka Data Entry System is an Excel add-on that allows researchers to enter their data twice. The system compares the two entries and identifies mismatches and values that are outside the allowable range for those variables.